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There is little doubt left when a sway of birds flock together than to understand it to be of same feathers. When a flock of animals graze over the same green, can there be anything more to comprehend it as the breed of same if not the similar kind. The unit is never as strong as its amassed greater kind though later is so much a product of former groupings. Like in any field, literature foot soldiers though could be well within the best commands of ones capability of exercising one’s command over the language, can there be any denial that the nurture and nourishment of such literary apparels could be woven by being in a web of souls who run the rested thoughts with nourished wisdom of art and ignite the frozen knowledge with zealous literary urge to leave the perpetual thirst of desire to understand the art of writing and blogging unquenched. And when the web is built with mutual learning and understanding, a better group is an ultimate product at the end.
 Blogyul boasts of being a group or association of enthusiastic bloggers, aspiring writers and ardent readers. Its perimeter on which its influence or its reason of existence confine bridges over the undefined influence of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Blogs. For much more than just wanting to be an aspiring writer and a blogger, to get inspiration to run the pen is very much like sunlight. It does more than sharpening the urge and penetrates through the enveloped darkness of ignorance. And being in a group where one is both a reader and writer there is no shortage of drawing inspirations and criticism which would be like a beam of light rays throwing the ocean of darkness at one flow. The nurture would be positive learning where one would grow in profundity of knowing things around propelled with understanding each other through the provision of readership platform which is built in our own effort of sharing the works.
This blog is an attempt to gather the bloggers and blogs together into a single platform. The posts selected based on the capacity of a founder and co-founders of the group would be shared in the blog as the link. It will also be the directory of the Bhutanese bloggers. Subsequently, the best ones will be converted into a magazine in the format of PDF which would make a circulation amongst members.
With a hope that the group would very well embark on a right track of being a healthy, co-corporative, positive and a learning center, I welcome once again our members to be a part of a our dream, our vision and our desire to show the world around us that writing is one of the, if not, the only greater way of understanding society and being a conscious of the society.
Let us give wings to our imagination, limps to our thoughts, light to our ignorance and let the whole journey of blogging, and writing be a part of greater societal benefit, if not the greater self-discovery.
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