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Sonam Tobgay (Sogyel Tobgyel)
There is nothing that i can define myself with. I am still on the voyage of getting my concrete identity. My writings cling at the mercy of being not so improvised or there is nothing so great on the contents that i share in my blog. If not for the sheer interest that burns within me to run my pen, i am all but an amateur writer trying my best to keep learning and growing up through blogging and writing.

 I am not so ardent reader, which is what i view as one of the most cruel spell that i am passed on with. However, with many inspiring writers and enthusiastic bloggers around, i am confident that i would be very well be an ardent and voracious reader who be getting fed with much more wisdom and knowledge.

I blog at the If you visit it, you might be put into wondering as to what we have more in life than what we already have.

Currently i am in New Delhi, doing Bachelors in Architecture, and i am on my final ride to complete the course finally.

Leythro (Leo Parsica)

I think I am living a simple life, without much rules to adhere, but in times, I also feel that rules are necessary in the game of life to play fair. However, I play fair whether there is a strict rule or not so life just flows by. Fate is a pre-written prophecy, which we have to unfold as the days pass by so I believe that achieving the target is not a unilateral approach with hard work and determination but it is also affected by our unseen fate.

Blogging is a passion I picked up a year ago though I write nothing sensible yet I am a passionate writer. And I share my stuffs @ .I read many blogs and hardly miss the recent post of the blogs on my blog roll.

I am a student of natural science, a course of my choice, for destiny is not a matter of chance but of choice.

Pema Gyamtsho
I saw computer for the first time in my life in 1999. I wondered how a small machine could do so many wonderful things. I always aspired to use the technologies to my best. Although I took English in by Degree, I landed up as a IT person and a graphic designer. I am passionate about anything related to website, graphic, domain, publication designs, etc.

I am privileged to be a part of Blogyul along with the passionate writers. I am entrusted with design and graphical layout of the Blogyul site. I hope I can keep our writers and visitors happy with the visual designs.

I write everything related to ICT at It includes some tutorials, tech news and introduction to some web terminologies.

Langa Tenzin
I never had a clear idea of what blogging was all about until my beloved brother opened doors for me. Thanks to him! I don’t write anything which is very interesting or important, but just the experiences of my life and some little creative pieces with my limited number of words. If you visit my blog at , you may feel “What the hell is this? There’s nothing here!” And I must say, you are right if anyone feels so. It’s just the undying interest in me and the support of readership among the bloggers that keep me going. Extensive reading is the key to become a good writer, I know. I haven’t been successful in doing that and that accounts for me being a poor writer. Nevertheless, I have all the hope that it will improve with time. I am currently in the second year of B.A., LL.B (Hons.) in Hyderabad, India.

It's been only a few months since I joined the Blogyul and the blogging world. I have had immense pleasure in reading and learning about many enthusiastic writers and bloggers. I wish to continue to learn to write better with the help of you all. I have been humbled by the man behind the formation of this blogger’s group, Sonam Tobgay’s invitation to be among the founders of the group. While I felt it is a great privilege to be among them, I too felt that I have never done anything good and worthwhile to be one of them. He said it’s fine that there are lots of things to do in the future.  Let us do little things our own way and contribute to the great cause of promoting reading and writing habits among the fellow Bhutanese. There will not be a greater pleasure than to see good writers coming out from Bhutan. It will be great to have them one day. Let us take it a step farther with our efforts. You can read my posts at the above address and suggestions are welcomed wholeheartedly. Let’s learn together! 

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